Collection: Makita

Our Rich Heritage:

The story of Makita began in 1915 when Mr. Mosaburo Makita founded the company "MAKITA DENKI SEISAKUSA," initially specializing in repairing electric motors. In 1958, we took our first step into the world of electric tools with the introduction of the groundbreaking one thousand model planer, the first electric planer ever produced in Japan. By 1960, we shifted our focus exclusively to power tools, and in just three years, we had cleared all our debts, thanks to remarkable profits. In 1968, we earned the prestigious title of being the No. One company in Japan for overall operations and financial strength.


Global Expansion:

The 1980s marked our unstoppable expansion into global markets. Today, Makita stands as one of the world's largest power tool manufacturers, boasting seven manufacturing facilities worldwide and a diverse range of over one thousand superior, innovative products. Some of our products have become household names.


Global Presence:

Our power tools are crafted in plants located in China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Romania, and Thailand. Our worldwide sales and service network, coupled with the unwavering production quality in our global plants, embodies the essence of the Makita brand.


Rutherford Partnership:

In Southern Africa, Rutherford has been the exclusive distributor of Makita Power Tools for the past five decades. Over the years, Makita has developed high-performance, user-friendly, and eco-conscious cordless gardening equipment powered by lithium-ion batteries. In addition to our industrial power tools, we also produce Makita MT, which offers the qualities of our industrial range at an affordable price. Makita provides a complete line of high-performance, durable accessories, including saw blades and more, to enhance the quality and efficiency of your work.


Exceptional Service:

Rutherford boasts an extensive after-sales service network, ensuring prompt repairs and a timely supply of replacement parts to support our valued customers.


A History of Success:

Rutherford, established in 1912 as an engineering supply company, became involved in power tools and woodworking machinery in the mid-forties. Since becoming the sole distributor for Makita in 1985, Makita power tool sales have soared, establishing Makita as a brand leader in Southern Africa. Our reputation for high quality, innovative technology, durability, and exceptional service has been instrumental in our success.


Beyond Power Tools:

Rutherford's diverse activities include importing and distributing Mercury outboard boat motors and MerCruiser inboards, marine accessories, survey equipment, nuclear density gauges, and fasteners, including FTS rivets. We are also proud members of the Hudaco group.


Choose Makita for a legacy of excellence and quality that has been crafted over a century. We are your trusted partner for top-tier power tools and a wide range of essential products for various industries. Join us in experiencing the Makita difference.