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About MotulTech Intelligence:

With a profound understanding of the intricate art of lubrication gained from years of experience, Motul has emerged as a true artist in the field.
Recognizing the indispensable role of well-maintained tools, machinery, and engineering in the creation process, MotulTech rises to meet these critical needs with unparalleled expertise.

MotulTech's approach revolves around enhancing industrial performance through extensive knowledge and meticulous foresight.
Its experts anticipate the challenges posed by rigorous operations, developing products that strike the perfect balance between performance, productivity, and environmental responsibility.
This harmonious blend of art and science guides their meticulous step-by-step process towards excellence.

By forging a strategic alliance with Italian counterpart Baraldi, MotulTech has solidified its status as the benchmark in high-pressure die-casting and aluminium extrusion lubricants.
Armed with a state-of-the-art high-technology R&D facility, MotulTech ensures close in-service monitoring of customers' products, guaranteeing tailored solutions that boost industrial productivity.

Motul Know-How:

A trailblazer in lubricant innovation, Motul made history with its first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars, the groundbreaking Motul Century 2100, in 1966.
Just five years later, the brand displayed its passion for invention with the original 100% synthetic lubricant crafted from esters of vegetal origin, inspired by aviation technologies.
This revolutionary product, the 300V, soon became synonymous with victory, representing the 300 racing triumphs it fueled during that era.

Motul's relentless pursuit of excellence, fueled by competitive spirit and powerful partnerships, has resulted in an illustrious list of accolades, solidifying its reputation as the global motorsport reference.
The racetrack serves as the ultimate testing ground, subjecting Motul's lubricants to the most rigorous demands, and ensuring their unmatched quality.

Leveraging innovative technology, Motul continues to redefine the limits of performance with the bespoke 300V Motorsport line designed for racing cars.
Each engine's performance can now be optimized to achieve the desired results based on race type, distance, engine fuel dilution, operating temperature, and other specific parameters.
For motorcycle racing, the specially formulated 300V Factory line delivers extra power, enduring performance, and increased torque.

Motul's expertise in 300V continually inspires the development of all its products.
Each molecule is meticulously crafted to cater to skilled technicians, offering tailored solutions for every purpose.