EXACTRACK™ Cordless Circular Saw 165mm 20V - Starter Kit

EXACTRACK™ Cordless Circular Saw 165mm 20V - Starter Kit


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Experience our EXACTRACK™ cutting guide
The WORX 20V EXACTRACK™165mm Circular Saw WX530.9 features the EXACTRACK™ guide for straight long cuts that are easier and more precise than ever before. All with the convenience of the PowerShare battery platform.


  • 165 mm blade provides 55 mm cutting capacity, all in a compact and lightweight design at only 2.3 kg.
  • EXACTRACK™ guide rail for quick, straight, precise longitudinal cuts.
  • 4,900 RPM no-load speed delivers fast and smooth cuts.
  • Ideal for cross, rip, plunge and bevel cuts.
  • Bevel adjustable up to 50°.
  • Electric blade stop for safe operation.
  • The WORX 20V EXACTRACK™ 165mm Circular Saw WX530.9 is part of the Worx PowerShare battery platform.
  • Kit includes battery and charger
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