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With over 140 years of expertise, Knipex is the world's leading manufacturer of professional pliers. Their precision-crafted pliers are synonymous with quality and innovation.

Why Knipex?

  • Precision and Quality: Pliers are crafted with precision, ensuring reliable cutting, gripping, and shaping. We use selected steel alloys rolled to our specifications, guaranteeing top-notch quality.
  • Innovation Driven: The team at Knipex are dedicated to innovation, constantly improving, and creating new pliers for more efficient work. Our 400+ production machines, designed and programmed in-house, ensure innovation in every aspect.
  • German Craftsmanship, Global Reach: All our pliers are proudly made in Germany, with a North American presence in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, serving you with a full range of services.
  • Our Valued Team: Our success hinges on our resolute employees. We invest in their growth, ensuring they deliver the best service.

Choose Knipex for precision, innovation, and quality in every plier. Join us in making your work more efficient.

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