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Milwaukee - Empowering Professionals Worldwide

Commitment to Excellence:

Since 1924, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has led the industry in crafting heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories for professionals worldwide. Their unwavering vision is to provide professionals with the finest heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories. Today, Milwaukee is synonymous with top-quality, durable, and reliable professional tools.

Legacy of Quality:

With a global workforce of approximately 1,000, they have maintained an unchanging commitment to quality. Their quality assurance methods have evolved with state-of-the-art technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring excellence is ingrained into their products.

Powered by People:

Their resolute employees are key to their success. Working collaboratively in manufacturing cells, they deliver excellence by focusing on customer needs, responding swiftly to market demands, and enhancing productivity and product quality.

Global Reach Under New Ownership:

Milwaukee Electric Tool is now a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI), a global leader founded in 1985. TTI's brand portfolio includes Ryobi®, Milwaukee®, and AEG® power tools, among others. This partnership leverages TTI and Milwaukee's extensive marketing and distribution networks, expanding their global presence and product offerings.

Innovation Drives Us:

Innovation is in their DNA since their founding in 1924. They have pioneered products like the Tilt-Lok, the world's first adjustable handle circular saw, and the Sawzall - the Hatchet® Reciprocating Saw with a 6-position rotatable handle. Milwaukee's V28™ lithium-ion cordless tool system marked a revolution in the power tool industry, offering exceptional run-time and power.


Their M12 and M18 cordless power tool systems are meticulously designed to meet diverse professional needs, delivering power, speed, torque, and durability. From customer research to CAD design, rigorous testing, prototype development, and field testing, they are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality power tools and accessories.

Expanding into Hand Tools:

In 2007, we entered the hand tool market by acquiring the Stiletto Tool Company, known for its innovative professional titanium hammers and hand tools.

Quality Is Priority:

Quality is their top priority. They understand the needs of professional power tool users and shape quality through superior product design, components, and processes. They use high-grade materials and rigorous in-house and field testing to ensure their heavy-duty power tools and accessories meet professional demands. Quality has been Milwaukee's foundation since 1924 and continues to fuel their growth.

Choose Milwaukee for unparalleled quality and innovation that empowers professionals worldwide. They are your trusted partner for top-tier power tools and accessories designed to exceed your expectations with unwavering reliability.

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