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Castrol 2T Durable Protection - 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Castrol 2T Durable Protection - 2-Stroke Engine Oil


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Two-cycle engines, also known as two-stroke engines, boast a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for various applications, from scooters to snowmobiles and ATVs.

Castrol® 2T is a modern, mineral-based 2-stroke oil designed to deliver reliable performance in most 2-stroke motorcycles and small engine applications. Its low ash formula helps protect against pre-ignition and ensures good engine lubrication and cleanliness, maintaining reliable engine start-up and compression throughout its lifespan.

Castrol® 2T is suitable for use in most 2-stroke motorcycle and scooter engines requiring quality mineral engine oil. It supports both oil injection and pre-mix lubrication methods, following manufacturers' instructions, with a fuel/oil ratio of up to 50:1.
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