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Motul 300V Competition 10W-40 Engine Lubricant

Motul 300V Competition 10W-40 Engine Lubricant


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Heighten your racing experience with Motul 300V Competition 10W-40, a top-tier engine lubricant meticulously crafted for racing applications. This high-performance 4-stroke oil is tailored for all racing gasoline or Diesel engines, including naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged engines with injection systems. Ideal for high-performance and tuned engines, Motul 300V Competition 10W-40 ensures peak performance and durability in severe racing conditions. Whether your engine operates on gasoline, Diesel, or biofuels like Ethanol, this lubricant is perfectly suited for competitive racing and high-performance driving.

Trust Motul 300V Competition 10W-40 to keep your racing engine running at its best, conquering the track with confidence. Choose exceptional lubrication for unparalleled racing performance.

Key Features:
  • Application: Engineered for racing and competition, perfect for high-performance engines.
  • Product Type: Belongs to the 300V product range, specially formulated for car applications.
  • Viscosity: Optimal lubrication with a viscosity rating of 10W-40 across a wide range of rpm and temperatures, ideal for severe driving conditions.
  • OEM Approvals: Exceeds industry standards, an exceptional choice for racing engines.
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