NITRO Brushless Reciprocating Saw 20V

NITRO Brushless Reciprocating Saw 20V


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Power equal to 700W corded, brushless motor.

The new Worx WX516 Nitro Reciprocating Saw delivers a power equal to a 700W corded saw, with the convenience of the PowerShare battery platform. Its powerful brushless motor delivers up to 3000 strokes per minute for fast sawing and clean cuts.

The new Worx WX516 Nitro Reciprocating Saw is the tool of choice for cutting through framing lumber, drywall, plumbing PVC or metal conduit with minimal operator effort.
Worx-built brushless motor features 3,000 strokes per minute that, combined with a stroke length of 29 mmm, allows for fast sawing action.
The saw’s pendulum setting allows users to select between maximum accuracy and aggressive fast cutting.
The trigger provides variable speed for soft start and control over a range of applications.
The Worx-built brushless motor delivers 25% more power, 50% longer runtime and 10x lifespan over brushed motors.
The footplate is adjustable in length to set the cutting depth, and pivots to contour complex surfaces and ensure firm contact in all working positions.
This tool is part of the expanding Worx PowerShare, one of the most versatile cordless platforms that covers power tools, lawn and garden tools and everyday life products.
PowerShare’s “One Battery, Expandable Power” means the same 20V battery can be used in multiple configuration to power up 40V and 80V products.

  • Up to 3,000 strokes per minute and 29mm stroke length for aggressive cuts.
  • Ideal for cutting through a wide range of materials including framing lumber, drywall, plumbing PVC and metal conduit.
  • Delivers power equal to 700W corded reciprocating saw.
  • Tool-free blade change system.
  • Brushless motor for cooler operation, more power, longer runtime and extended motor life.
  • Part of the Worx PowerShare battery platform
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