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Castrol at Reliable Bolt - Driving Performance

Fuel your journey with Castrol, your go-to source for top-notch oils, fluids, and lubricants. At Reliable Bolt, we proudly bring you Castrol's liquid engineering expertise, ensuring unparalleled performance for every drive, ride, and industrial need.

Founded by Charles "Cheers" Wakefield in 1899, Castrol has a rich history of lubricating trains and heavy machinery. Today, we continue this legacy of excellence, offering cutting-edge products that have stood the test of time.

From lubricating the engines of the first trans-Atlantic flight in 1919 to launching groundbreaking initiatives like the Marine Bio range, Castrol has consistently been at the forefront of innovation.

As part of BP, we lead the industry in sustainability, mobility, and digitization. Our initiatives, such as developing water-conserving metalworking fluids and transmission fluids for electric cars, showcase our commitment to environmental responsibility and technological progress.

Explore the Castrol range at Reliable Bolt and experience the difference.